How to downsize your home before moving?

No matter if you are to move in to a retirement home, where you will have a complete room, a small apartment or if you are moving in to a retirement community where you can even own a house , downsizing before moving will be a necessary step for you to proceed with. We would like to serve you with some useful downsizing tips before moving out to start your life in a retired community and the steps to downsize effectively.

1. Call a friend or a relative to help you

If you are over 55, remember decluttering is a serious and time consuming process. You may not be able to do this alone. Call someone to help you, even if you need to pay a smaller sum for it. It will not only be much useful, but it will be day spent with socializing and in good spirits while packing.

2. Get rid of all the hoarded collections

The older we get the more sentimental we tend to become. This means tons of things which we don’t want to get rid of. That’s also why it’s good to have a friend over, because they can also help persuade you to drop or to sell those items. There are tons of donations accepting clothes all the time. So, when you realize that your closet is full of dresses, garments and clothes of any kind which weren’t worn for years, then it’s high time for them to go. This is a golden rule everyone, especially women need to keep themselves to, regardless of moving. Declutter your clothes once or twice every year. You will see how much more space you will gain with this move.

3. Trash, give away or donate all the furniture you don’t or won’t need

If you are to move to a pensioner community where you will have either an apartment or a smaller house, remember you won’t be able to take all or any of your furniture with you. If you change states and decide to move to the original retirement state Florida, then it’s best to avoid the hassle to move your furniture with you. In case you have pieces you really don’t want to sell, either put them in a storage place, have them transferred to your new home or give it to a beloved relative who can take care of it.

4. Do a reality check on what you really need

And ruthlessly trash everything else. This is not always a pleasant process, but it’s guaranteed that you will feel much better when it’s all done.

5. Try to see what can earn you money

Before you trash anything that seems old enough to be sold and they are in a good state, then see options on how to sell them. This is very true to antique pieces of furniture, tea kits, cutlery, accessories, books, paintings and garments. There are tons of vintage garment fans all across the world, who would pay a good money for your old handbag, old pair of shoes, dresses, costumes, hats and coats. If you cannot wear older items anymore but they are in a good shape, ask a friend to help you sell them online or offline.