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Italian speckled Quail   

A Gold Speckled Italian quail Photo courtesy of Ellen Rockensock www.feathersite.comThe ITALIAN GOLDEN QUAIL probably go by many names in many places. They were popularized in the USA during the early 1970's by Albert Marsh of California who introduced the breed as Manchurian Golden Quail.

Since then it seems a variety of other similar names have appeared, perhaps all referring to the same bird.  It is a dominant mutation of the Pharaoh or Japanese quail, but about only 2/3 the size of the Japanese bird.

The Italian Golden Quail is now available in the U.K. and is becoming A very popular pet as they were selectively bred for their extreme tameness and attractive colour. The quail are very easy to keep, feeding on mixture of finch type seed, chick crumbs and they love fresh greens. They are very happy to live with other birds in a mixed aviary, scratching about on the floor. Like many species of quail they tend not to set their own eggs, but you can guarantee a near 100% hatch in the incubator.

Quail eggsWhen first hatched, the chicks are quiet nervous, but within a few weeks they have tamed down to the point they virtually take no notice of you.

I rear all my quail chicks under brooder lamps and feed them on chick starter crumbs, because they are so tiny, remember to add some glass marbles to the water dish to stop them drowning or getting too wet and chilled.

The cocks are easy to sex at about 6 to 8 weeks old, when they develop their black throat band, chocolate brown cheeks and head markings. The hens do not have these markings by this age, although some hens can have speckles on their backs.


Cortunix chicks  Photo courtesy of Chelsea

looking for Quail breeders in the UK:-


Japanese and Chinese painted Quail young stock from 6.00 Pair

telephone Susanna on :-

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A selection of Japanese quail chicks at one day old

The first is an Italian speckled, the rest are other colours, but all Cortunix quail.

Cortunix quail chick Cortunix quail chick Cortunix quail chick Cortunix quail chick Cortunix quail chick Cortunix quail chick  Cortunix quail chick Cortunix quail chick


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