Robert Stephenson

Coventry, England.

(A.K.A. Rupert the Fish)

Groundsman, wildlife and Poultry photography , Countryman, Dahlias, Doves .

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  this page features a selection of prize winning eggs from poultry shows around the U.K.

the idea is to show people interested in egg showing what to look for in a plate of eggs

a nice marans egg , good shape colour and size     araucana eggs , note odd sized on right


a tray of wellsummer eggs , note the even colour, shape ,uniformity of eggs to each other. 

champion marans eggs , deep even colour , good shape and evenly matching

           araucana eggs in green and blue , the blues win on better shape and colour 

the Egg box , the official site of the poultry club of great britain , with a complete guide to showing poutry eggs

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