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Groundsman, wildlife and Poultry photography , Countryman, Dahlias, Doves .

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Rumples Game Bantams

                     My cockerel  and   pullet   and their three day old chick

My cockerel      my pullet

The rumpless game is believed to have originated in Great Britain , but this is not certain as they are mentioned as bieng bred in Persia , south America and Japan, the first reports of rumples game were around 1645 , it is believed they were originaly bred from an old english game who bred rumpless chicks, but this is only a possible theory.

They are a hard feather breed , who should carry the feathers nice and close to the body , as in all rumpless breeds , the parsons nose or CaudalAppendage is missing , which does then not allow a tail to grow.

they should stand nice and upright with a bold carriage and have a nice small body with a steeply sloping back.

in the cock bird the lack of tail is compensated for by a full saddle hackle that covers the back , they should have a very full breast and have gracefull long sloping wings, rumples game should have a single comb ,large beak , long straight neck and medium length legs .

in rumpless game the colour is not as important as the physical atributes, most colours accepted for old english game are fine for the rumples game.

males should weigh between 22 to 26 ounces , with hens bieng 18 to 22 ounces.

i have found them to be inconsistent layers of off white tinted eggs , quite large for the size of the bird , most hens seem not to lay untill april to may , then only a couple of dozen eggs.

i have found that rumples game soon become very tame and will make excellent pets for a small garden. 


Winning birds from the federation show 2000 in the UK < not my birds>

A winning bird from the federation show 2000 in the UK      A winning bird from the federation show 2000 in the UK

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