Top 10 things everyone forgets to do (on time) before moving

Moving is a tedious and a relatively long process. You might think „ All I need is to sell my house quick then I'm moving out fast”, this isn't exactly the situation. When it comes to moving people tend to have so much at hand, there are things which they generally forget to do. Therefore we decided to provide you with a list in order for you not to forget about them.

1.) Don't buy groceries before moving

Let your fridge go empty before moving out. It's unnecessary work to pack out and throw away things that are still good but would be hard to carry. Stop buying things in fridge at least a week before moving out.

2.) Defrost and empty the fridge at least 1 day before moving

It's hard to believe but emptying a fridge is a very long procedure which includes defrosting the whole. That's why you need to start with this on time. Fridges cannot be transported with goods in them. You must empty them all out.

3.) Inform all the energy and internet providers on the address change way before moving

This way you can schedule all the disconnect times, have time to return any modems which are necessary to be returned and most importantly transfer utilities to your new address as soon as possible. This way you make sure all will be waiting for you readily in your new home, including electricity, internet, water and gas as the most important utilities.

4.) Change your address a week before the actual moving date

This way you avoid everything to arrive to your old address for several weeks after moving.

5.) If you have some complicated electronics take a photo of them before disassembling them

This is important as many things are not as easy to reassemble as it might seem. This include all music playing devices, DVD players, modems and television too.

6.) Get friends to help you

This isn't likely to save you the cost of hiring a moving company, but if they can deal with one truck of your things and the rest is carried by your friends you can already save plenty of money with that. Don't forget, you will have way more things to move and boxes to carry than you can ever imagine.

7.) Arrange things per category and create a box which only has the most important things you will need to pack first

Always prepare a box for the things you will need right away and keep an eye on it.

8.) Let your bed be the first which is all-ready

Moving is a long and tiring process. Therefore before getting lost in the details make sure your bed , mattress and bed cloth are ready and you can go to sleep as and when you feel like. It's also very important because it's pretty bad sleeping on the floor.

9.) Hire a storage place

When it comes to a speedy moving, due to a fast home sale or a move due to a home repossession process, hire a storage place for all things which you don't want to take into a new home.

10.) Make a to-do list

So that you have a whole schedule ready, written down and you act accordingly.