What questions you should ask from a fast sale home company?

Ok, so you are in bad need of money, because you are in an edgy situation either because of debts, because of a divorce or because of a home repossession procedure that’s bound to happen due to inability to pay your debts on time.

Therefore you get to the conclusion that you will need to get your property sold as fast as possible. Sometimes, you are given a deadline until which you can act with the selling. This is when most people turn to a fast sale home company, who can buy your property and pay cash for it. The truth of the matter is, that you can expect the lowest rate from them, but if you have only a few days for this transaction to happen, you will get less picky and rather just want to get to the money. However, before you would totally lose our points, we would like to advise you what to ask, when it comes to contracting a fast sale home company in your area.

  • The contract and its conditions: avoid to contract a company which wants any sort of buying exclusivity. Don’t rush into any such contract even if you seem to have no other choice. Respectable companies don’t have these conditions therefore if you meet a questionable contract then it’s best to look for another company.
  • How do they do the evaluation: is this done by anyone certified to do property evaluations? To stay on the safe side, do an evaluation in advance, then compare the two. If the differences are unrealistically high then chances are the company wants to cheat you out of your money.
  • Is this themselves or a third party buyer who is to buy your property? This is a legit question and no matter what the answer is you have the right to ask for any legal documents which assures you that the party who is to buy your property has sufficient funds on their names for doing so.
  • What’s the timeframe within which the sales can happen? In how many days can they sell your property? Generally if it’s only a few days, chances are it’s themselves who are to buy it.
  • If it’s a third party buyer who is to buy your property, always get information on who they are and if possible also meet them to see if they are legit buyers or not.
  • Extra fees: it’s important to learn what extra fees apply for each transaction on behalf of the company you contract. This is essential because there are many companies which work with unexpected fees which they may impose on their customers, without letting them know about these in advance, this way forcing them to pay these fees.

As you can see there are tons of quick sale companies which also work as kind of usuries using illegal practices to tie down their customers then pay them a surreally low price for their properties. Always make sure you contact the right company for this very reason.